How to Avoid Allergy Triggers in Your Home this Fall

October 22, 2015
Ross and Witmer

The changing seasons can reignite allergies for Belmont, North Carolina, residents. Luckily, there are things you can do to lessen the effects of allergy triggers throughout your home.

Prevent Dust Mites

For many asthma and allergy sufferers, it’s actually dust mites, not dust itself, that triggers attacks. To prevent dust mites, wash your sheets with hot water once a week. If you or your family member are often affected by allergy or asthma issues, consider buying allergen-proof covers for your pillows and comforter.

Change Your Air Filters

If your air filters aren’t changed regularly, either by you or by a professional, the air that is blowing into your home can be tainted with mold, dust, bacteria, and other allergens. Check your filters regularly or opt for a regular maintenance plan to make sure that the air you’re breathing is clean air and that your filters never get clogged or dirty.

Test Your Indoor Air Quality

Especially in the winter, you need to have a professional test your home’s indoor air quality. A professional can determine if you or your family are being exposed to radon, bacteria, second-hand smoke, molds, or other allergens or asthma triggers.

Sweep and Dust Regularly

Although dust mites are the typical culprits for allergies, dust can certainly do the trick. Make sure that you are wet-dusting regularly, not just stirring the dust around, and using a vacuum on carpeted areas. It’s also possible and smart to vacuum your mattress if your vacuum has an upholstery attachment. If you have pets in the home, you should consider sweeping and dusting more often to rid your home of pet hair, dander, and saliva.

Allergies can be a major pain, and although you can’t prevent pollen and other triggers outside, you can make sure your home is free from any offenders inside. The experts at Ross and Witmer can service your HVAC system, so call 704-392-6188 to request an appointment.

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