5 Cost-Saving Benefits of a Home Energy Audit

September 29, 2015
Ross and Witmer

If you have never had an energy efficiency audit performed on your Gastonia, NC home, perhaps now is the time to schedule one. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the number of home improvement opportunities an inspection can turn up that will lead to potential cost savings. A detailed home energy audit and the subsequent work can save homeowners around 30 percent on their electric bills, according to Alliance to Save Energy, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit organization. Here are five cost-saving benefits of a home energy audit.

Airtight Savings

When a home has air leaks, its air system cannot function efficiently. Much of the indoor air is pushed outside through air leaks, which forces the HVAC unit to work harder than it should. A detailed home energy audit will find all the air leaks, gaps, and insufficient insulation. By using a series of tests, scanning equipment, and good old-fashioned visual inspections, inspectors can find and close every gap. Once the sealing and insulation work is complete, the home will be airtight, reducing the strain on your HVAC and dropping your utility bills considerably.

Home Comfort

Along with a reduction in energy usage and your bills, another benefit is the improved comfort levels in your home. Say goodbye to cold and clammy drafts coming from mysterious places while you’re sitting comfortably on the couch reading a book. After the work from the home energy audit is complete, humidity will stay at a comfortable level, since moisture problems have been eliminated. Dust and contaminants will be filtered from the air, which creates a cleaner, more allergy-free environment. Just remember to keep up with the auditor’s recommended guidelines for the HVAC filter changes and general maintenance.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

The balanced humidity and filtered air flow from your HVAC will create a balance in air quality and healthier living. Poor air quality is the result of issues like high humidity, airborne contaminants and allergens, and a filthy air system. High humidity creates the perfect habitat for dust mites and mold, both of which will set off allergic reactions in many people. Combine these with pollen that makes its way indoors along with other outdoor irritants, like carbon monoxide, and an HVAC system with a dirty filter, and you have a recipe for building sickness.

No one should feel sick from spending time indoors. A home energy audit will uncover the exact causes of your indoor air quality issues and help you turn them around.

Reveal Hidden Problems

Let’s say you’ve noticed a slight musty odor every once in a while, but you could never figure out where it came from. In addition, it only occurred for a few seconds before disappearing without a trace. This might be frustrating for a few minutes and then you might forget about the smell. The inspectors during an audit can uncover the cause of such an odor. For example, you may have a hidden corner in a crawlspace beneath your kitchen that is teaming with mold that could only be found by someone taking the time to crawl into the space to investigate every inch.

Mold means there is moisture, which translates to two things: poor air quality issues – as described above – and risk of structural compromise. Any wood in that area is at risk of rot, putting that section of the house at risk for structural damage. It’s best to catch hidden problems before they become large, costly problems. This is one of the great benefits of a home energy audit.

Help the Environment

In the U.S., about 17 percent of greenhouse gases are generated by residential homes. By using less energy as a result of the energy audit upgrades you make to your home, your power plant produces less electricity on your behalf. This is particularly relevant if your supplier uses coal-burning to generate electricity.

If you are ready to feel the benefits of a home energy audit like saving money and feeling comfortable in your home, schedule an appointment by contacting Ross & Witmer today at (704) 392-6188.

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