Do You Need a Home Health Assessment?

June 23, 2016
Ross and Witmer

Home health assessments are fantastic for discovering potential problems in your home, like air leaks, carbon monoxide sources, and humidity. But how do you know if your Charlotte, North Carolina, home needs one? Take a walk around your house, inside and outside, to see if your home suffers from attic issues, poor drainage, mold and moisture buildup, or other problems that indicate you need a home health assessment.

Your Attic Isn’t Insulated

If your attic isn’t insulated, not only are you letting out cool air in the summer and heated air in the winter, you also may be letting in unsavory critters. From pollen to microbes to bugs, these hazards can find ways inside via an uninsulated attic, and they can wreak havoc on your IAQ.

You’ve Discovered Mold in Your Home

Have you ever found mold on your ceiling, near your air conditioner, or in your basement? Even if you cleaned it vigorously, mold indicates a humidity problem, and can greatly affect your IAQ. Since the source of humidity could be anything from an old AC unit to a leaky home, you’ll want a home health assessment to find the culprit.

Water Pools Near Your Foundation

If you notice puddles in the yard right next to the house after it rains, you might have drainage issues. Water needs to drain away from the house, or you could end up with foundation and moisture damage in the near future. A home health assessment will find exterior problems.

Your Gas Appliances Are Old

Because your gas appliances rely on combustion, they may be creating carbon monoxide contamination without you ever knowing. Take a look at the pilot light on your furnace; if it’s yellow or keeps going out, you might have carbon monoxide problems.

Ross & Witmer offers Healthy Home Services, which includes a home health assessment. We’ll take a look at these problems and more, then offer you solutions and repairs to ensure your home performance is the best it can be. Call us today at 704-392-6188.

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