What Is Attic Encapsulation?

June 24, 2016
Ross and Witmer
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You probably know that having an uninsulated attic in Charlotte, North Carolina, isn’t a good thing, but do you know how attic encapsulation works? Professionals spray an expanding foam insulation into your attic, sealing the cracks and insulating it from outside temperature variations.

Attic Encapsulation: A Short Overview

Many homes have attics that are completely uninsulated. You probably have air ducts that go through the attic, which means the temperature variations in the attic affect the temperature of those air ducts as well as the air that passes through them. Along with other problems uninsulated attics present, your home loses energy, and it’s a space you can’t use for much more than storage. Encapsulating the attic means insulating it like the rest of your house.

The Ins and Outs of the Process

When we encapsulate attics, we use spray foam insulation. We spray it into your attic, and it expands to fill all the cracks and crevices that may have been letting outside air in. We don’t have to crawl all through your attic to get this issue fixed; we insert the spray into all the spaces and the process is done, which saves lots of time (especially when compared to fiberglass insulation!). Plus, the foam insulation will dampen noises from your pipes and ducts.

Why Professional Encapsulation Is Preferable

If you love to do projects around the house, you’ve probably got a few friends who’ve sprayed insulation into their attics on their own. Tempting as it may be to encapsulate your own attic, let a professional handle this task. When done right, attic encapsulation offers so many benefits, like helping your indoor humidity, keeping out pests, and protecting your plumbing. Professionals have considerable experience with insulation types, and only a professional will know exactly how to insulate your attic for the best result.

Here at Ross & Witmer, we get your attic encapsulation done quickly and competently; our trained team of professionals has lots of experience in this area. Call us today at 704-392-6188 for a free quote.

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