Tight Ductwork: Important for Your System’s Top Performance

December 31, 2013
Ross and Witmer

Having tight ductwork is a key component to an effective HVAC system. Without properly sealed ducts and vents in your North Carolina home, warm air can seep into unwanted areas rather than being delivered to the areas that keep your family comfortable in winter.

Improving Ductwork Integrity

The HVAC system and ductwork work together to circulate warm air around your home. If that circulation system has leaks, you’re losing valuable energy and hard-earned money on your heating bill. Maintaining a properly sealed system is easy if you know what to look for.

Perform a visual inspection of your ductwork in attics, crawl spaces and in basements wherever possible. Look for obvious gaps in ductwork using dust streaks (created by forced air escaping your system), misaligned sections, holes, gaps and ducts that aren’t properly sealed around delivery vents as a guide.

A stable, long-term solution for sealing ducts is to use duct sealant around smaller holes and gaps while completely replacing sections of your ductwork that have collapsed or broken down. Use tension clips and fasteners to hold the sections in place while your sealant is setting.

While performing your visual inspection, take the time to clean ductwork where it’s loose and replace air filters. A buildup of debris inside your ducts or overloaded filters can obstruct the flow of forced air through your home, meaning your HVAC system will have to work harder to deliver the proper amount of heated air to its delivery points from room to room.

Call a Professional

In instances where ductwork can’t be easily accessed or cleaned, enlisting the aid of an HVAC professional might be necessary. Before you contact a professional, create a list of issues including cold rooms, drafts and poor air delivery so the technician knows what to look for.

If you need professional assistance to ensure you have tight ductwork throughout your home, contact Ross and Witmer. Our team of home comfort professionals have been serving North Carolina since 1945.

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